Posted by: Erin | June 19, 2008

Peanut Butter Plus Sandwiches

Attempted on: January 22, 2008
Source: Cooking Light [link]

I made this for lunch one day to take to work. I decided to make the peanut butter mixture, but take a banana to work with me and cut it up instead of mixing it into the peanut butter mix. It seemed like the mix would go bad quicker if I mashed the banana in, but by bringing the banana to cut up, I ended up with more banana. And more fruit is good.

Without the banana, the quantity of spread seems to make about two sandwiches. It also helps to melt the mixture again after adding the sunflower seeds in order to mix it up better. Good sandwich, easy to take to work.

Addendum (June 2008): I don’t really like the honey taste, and I’ve gotten a bit lazy, so I tend to just put the peanut butter on the bread, then sprinkle yellow raisins and sunflower seeds, and put the sandwich together, and alternate eating it with a banana at work. (Sometimes I’ll cut up the banana and add it to the sandwich.)


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