Posted by: Erin | June 22, 2008

Rosemary-Roasted Potatoes with Goat Cheese

Attempted on: June 22, 2008
Source: Cooking Light [link] and [link]

Well, tonight’s dinner started out well, but ended less so. I decided to try the Rosemary-Roasted Potatoes with Goat Cheese, since I had some goat cheese in the fridge. I used regular baking potatoes, but I assume I could use red potatoes as well, which I might try next time. I also wasn’t sure if they should be peeled, as the recipe didn’t say, but I decided to go that route.

Because I went to the nursery yesterday, I now have a happy rosemary plant, so I used that instead of the organic dried stuff in my spice rack. I’m thinking that I really should invest in something like this – mincing rosemary by hand is somewhat tedious, but really, I’m concerned next time I’ll end up chopping part of a finger off. Which would definitely not fall under “good.” I also used bottled minced garlic instead of fresh, because that’s what was in the fridge.

I was going to make this with grilled pork chops, but decided on a whim to make the Pork Tenderloin with Pomegranate Glaze again. The recipe’s pretty easy, and I had an open bottle of the Rose’s pomegranate martini mix in the fridge (which I tried making martinis with, but didn’t like, so I was looking to get rid of it, plus, I had that theory about it being easier to turn into glaze).

Last time I made the pomegranate glaze, it was definitely way too much like juice, so I thought I’d let it boil the whole time. (The recipe says to bring the juice and sugar to a boil and then to let it cook for 8 minutes, but it doesn’t say if “cook” means “keep at a boil” or “simmer” or anything. Since it didn’t reduce last time, I thought maybe I’d done it wrong last time – didn’t let it boil.) I let it boil for about 15 minutes, since it didn’t seem to be reducing again (it’s supposed to be about a 1/2 cup when it’s done). When I went to put it on the pork before putting the pork in the toaster oven to cook, it basically congealed as soon as it touched the pork. Definitely a bad sign. (The pot that I used to make the “glaze” in is currently sitting in the sink, soaking, which I’m sure it will be for a while.)

While the pork was cooking, I put some goat cheese in the freezer to make it a little easier to crumble over the potatoes. The cheese was a little squishy, and I think it was because of the incident the other day, when I somehow left my fridge door open for a little while, and the fridge light screwed with stuff. (Hopefully, it’s still okay and won’t make me sick, because that would suck. A lot.) Either my kitchen was really warm between the weather and the oven having been on, or the cheese is not okay, because I took it out of the freezer, and it became very soft (with little bits of frozen cheese in the middle), and wasn’t crumble-able at all. Because it was mixed in with the potatoes, it didn’t really matter, but it’s a little disconcerting that it got that soft that quickly.

When I took the pork out of the toaster oven, I cut it to make sure it cooked all way through, and it looked a little pink. It also smelled kind of weird. I can’t place the smell, but it wasn’t the usual smell of cooked pork. So my dinner consisted of the potatoes and some nice Sutter Home white zinfandel. I was going to make chocolate-dipped fruit for dessert, but I don’t have the energy right now, and it’s kind of late. Maybe tomorrow.

Addendum (June 23, 2008): By the way, I forgot to mention that I left the balsamic vinegar out of the potato recipe for one very simple reason: I don’t like it. (Okay, two reasons: I also didn’t have any in the fridge/cabinet anymore.)



  1. Yum!!!

  2. LOL – glad you approve. 🙂 The potatoes really turned out well. I’ll definitely be making that again. I think I might be giving up on the pork, though. The first time, it was okay, just not “glazed”… this time was sort of disastrous. (My pot has only just recovered from the congealed glaze!)

  3. After much delay…I’m going to attempt making these babies myself this weekend! I’m pretty excited actually, because it sounds kick ass! The only thing is I may nix the goat cheese…we don’t get along.

    Results to follow!

  4. Good luck! Next time I try them, I think I might use red potatoes – the recipe doesn’t specify.

    Wonder if you could use a different cheese instead of the goat cheese? Not sure what, but my brain says Monterey Jack, but that might be because I have some in the fridge right now. 🙂

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