Posted by: Erin | July 2, 2008

Garden Update #2

I meant to post these the other day, but forgot. My zinnias are making nice progress, though they keep tilting to one side to catch the light. (Since they’re so young and our weather has been so crazy with random thunderstorms and such, I can’t bring myself to put them outside yet.)



Also, my basil is sprouting!



I usually plant Genovese basil, which quite happy outside, because it gets direct sunlight nearly all day. This year, though, I thought I’d try Summerlong basil instead. Summerlong supposedly flowers much later, so the basil is usable for a longer period of time. Since that was a major problem for me last year (too much basil, not enough time to use it), I thought Summerlong would be a good option. Though this one is supposed to produce crazy amounts of basil (according to the website), if it doesn’t flower, I can harvest it for a longer period of time, so I can freeze the stuff I don’t get to use over the summer.

I’m curious to see if the taste will be much different. I’m guessing not, since I didn’t detect a huge difference between Genovese and a purple ruffled variety a few years ago (though I prefer the Genovese), but it might surprise me. I really wanted to try a Boxwood basil, but I waited too long to decide on what to grow this year, and the plants aren’t available anymore. (The seeds still are, though. I’ve still got some time, but those will probably have to wait until next year.)


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