Posted by: Erin | July 8, 2008

Product Review #1

I’ve been a little lazy (aka busy) lately, so I haven’t really been cooking much. But I’ve tried a few new things lately, and because I can’t keep my opinions to myself… I give you product reviews!

First up, Wild Harvest Organic Roasted Garlic pasta sauce. Totally an impulse buy the other night when I decided to make pasta and wasn’t sure if I had any sauce at home. Overall, I liked it. It had a little more onion in it than I normally like, and big chunks of tomato, but it’s good. I originally tried it with fresh Buitoni Chicken & Roasted Garlic Ravioli, which also has onion in it. I’ve tried the sauce with Barilla Plus rotini (a favorite of mine), and the onion taste was greatly reduced, so I’m thinking it’s the combination of the sauce and the ravioli’s ingredients that made it seem so onion-y.

While I was in the grocery store picking up the ravioli and sauce, I went over to the frozen aisle to get some of the Weight Watchers ice cream sandwiches (the rectangular ones). (No, I’m not on a diet, I just happen to like the sandwiches. Individually wrapped dessert-like stuff is great, on the rare occasion I actually want it – keeps the portions reasonable.) To my surprise, it seems that they’ve also created little ice cream cups, and they had chocolate chip cookie dough, which is one of my most favorite things ever. So I thought I’d give them a whirl. Overall, just kinda meh. Not bad, but definitely not as awesome as some of the cookie dough I’ve tried before (like the stuff at the excellent Christina’s in Inman Square.) But I suppose if I’m really craving cookie dough and I want to make sure not to overdo it, these wouldn’t be a bad solution. However, if I really want cookie dough, I’ll probably just go to Christina’s. 🙂

When I went back to my college reunion a few weeks ago, I discovered that Nantucket Nectars now makes a pomegranate cherry juice. (Pomegranate is apparently the new trendy thing.) I haven’t had cherry juice in ages – Capri Sun used to make a cherry juice bag/box that I loved when I was little. (Wow – they still make it!) So I thought I’d try this. It was good, though a little “thick,” for lack of a better word. I think it’s because cherry juice can be a bit syrupy. Last week, I saw a new Snapple flavor: pomegranate raspberry. I tried that, and I think it’s a better mix than the pomegranate cherry. The raspberry is a lighter flavor, so the juice loses the slightly heavier feeling of the pomegranate cherry. Both are good, but I’m going for the Snapple next time I have a choice. (I also noticed that there’s a pomegranate pear Nantucket Nectars – that might be next to try.)

Thus endeth my first product reviews. Enjoy!


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  2. Hi there, Erin, thanks for the mention! Shoot us an e-mail with your name and address, and we’ll send you a free t-shirt and some other Wild Harvest goodies as thanks for the blog post.

    Also, check our our Facebook fan page where you can communicate directly with the brand manager and engage in discussions with other fans of organic food.

  3. Thanks! E-mail sent!

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