Posted by: Erin | July 23, 2008

Chocolate-Dipped Fruit

There seems to be a great divide between those who like fruit and chocolate together. I love fruit and I love chocolate, and I love them together. Sure, there are probably some I wouldn’t put together, but on the whole, good plan.

I’ve been on something of a chocolate-dipped fruit kick lately. I started out using Baker’s Dipping Chocolate. (And yes, I am totally going to try that Black Tie Truffle recipe soon.) It was slow to melt, but I didn’t want to rush it, as the package cautions that if you go too far and the chocolate starts to separate, it’s unusable. After I got it melted properly, it was pretty easy to use. I opted to dip the fruit and then put it into the fridge to solidify, rather than using it like a warm fondue. I dipped strawberries fairly easily, but decided to just throw the raspberries in there, stir them around, and then fish them out with a spoon, put them on a plate, and left them to cool in the fridge.

Overall, excellent turn out. Chocolate-covered fresh raspberries are AWESOME. I’ve made them at least twice since the first attempt. The strawberries came out well, though I did notice that if you leave the strawberries in the fridge overnight, they seem to drip a little juice out of the top (which wasn’t covered by chocolate). It doesn’t seem to affect the taste the next day, just looks a little strange.

The other day, I had the idea that I could do the same thing using chocolate chips instead of the “special” dipping chocolate. I tried it today using some peach slices. Not bad, but definitely not the best plan ever. The peach slices are, by nature, a little moist, which makes it hard for the chocolate to adhere to the fruit properly, particularly when you try to cool the chocolate. The bigger problem, however, was that I think I over-melted the chocolate chips. They didn’t seem to get the smooth, shiny texture that the dipping chocolate did, so I put them in the microwave for a little longer. It didn’t separate the way the dipping chocolate warned about, but it started kind of clumping, which made it hard to work with. I ended up spreading the chocolate on one side of each of the slices and leaving them in the fridge for a bit. Overall, not too bad, though it could have turned out better.

Verdict: next time I want chocolate-covered fruit, I’ll suck it up and get the dipping chocolate instead of trying to DIY it with the chocolate chips.

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