Posted by: Erin | November 1, 2008

Rosé Sangria

Attempted on: sometime in July
Source: Cooking Light [link]


I made this a few months ago, and let me tell you – it is fantastic. I don’t really like red wine, so I’ve missed out on a lot of sangria. (I’ve had white sangria before, but it seems to be harder to find.) So I was psyched to see this recipe in Cooking Light, since I’ve been rather enamored with white zin and white merlot lately.

The recipe calls for a sparkling rosé, but – surprise, surprise – I didn’t have any lying around the house. I did, however, have white zinfandel. (And I was too exhausted to bother trying to find a sparkling rosé at the liquor store, especially since I don’t really know what I’ll like and what I won’t.) The white zin says something on the label about having the flavor of strawberries, so I figured this would work okay, as the sangria has oranges, strawberries, and raspberries in the recipe.

The only thing that I found frustrating is that the recipe was to make a pitcher, and I was just making this for me. I ended up, if I remember right, halving the recipe, and then quartering it. I’ve made it since, and essentially, I just cut up some oranges and strawberries, toss a few in a glass, add some strawberries, and then put in about an ounce of triple sec and a little less than 1/2 teaspoon of sugar and a splash of orange juice. When I first made it, I did two servings, and I put the aforementioned ingredients in pint glasses (I wasn’t sure if all of the fruit plus the wine would fit in my wine glasses), and let them sit in the fridge overnight. This worked great, because I’d ended up buying a 4-pack of small bottles of the white zin, because that’s all the store had at the time – one of those little bottle works out to one serving of sangria. No measuring, no fuss. Just the way I like it. 🙂

Definitely make this one if you have the chance. My next experiment will involve trying this using frozen raspberries and strawberries (defrosted, obviously), since I can’t always get fresh berries at a reasonable price (I believe we call that “winter”).


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