Posted by: Erin | January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!

Hey kids! Happy New Year! Apologies for my unintentional hiatus over the holidays. I’d hoped to have time to edit some of the drafts I’ve got saved, but unfortunately, that didn’t happen. (Yes, that’s a resolution for 2009 – sit down and just write the posts instead of starting, thinking “oh, I’ll finish that up later.”)

Anyway, just wanted to jump in and say hello, and also share some of my holiday awesomeness with you all. I got some lovely kitchen-related gifts this year, which means that my status as amateur foodie is not as secret as I once thought.

This year, the HOWies let me join in their fun and partipciate in their Secret Santa. My Secret Santa ended up sending me two packages (she forgot some stuff the first time), and among the items in the first box were personalized recipe cards!

HOWie-designed recipe cards

HOWie-designed recipe cards

Additionally, at work, we do a Secret Santa, too (or rather “Secret Holiday Gift Giver” – we’re a politically correct bunch). I knew who mine was on the first day, due to the gift. My coworker (the one I went to the Chris Kimball thing with in December) and I had a discussion about where one might find cheesecloth. (I wanted to try making a lavender-infused jam over Thanksgiving – more on that soon.) So when I saw the little spice bags on my desk the first day, I knew it had to be her. She was an excellent Secret Santa. On the second day, she left me a little bamboo cutting board. I’ve been eyeing bamboo cutting boards, and I’d also been thinking I wanted a smaller board, so this was perfect. And on the last day, she gave me a subscription to Eating Well. (My first issue came today – excitement!)

Excellent gifts from my work Secret Santa

Excellent gifts from my work Secret Santa

And finally, my parents gave me a beautiful iron cookbook holder:

Cast iron cookbook holder (photo from

Cast iron cookbook holder (photo from

I’m very excited about my excellent swag. I can’t wait to try out the cookbook holder – I cook mainly from bookmarked recipes or printed out recipes, but this’ll prop those up nicely, too. (Anything’s better than taping the print outs to my cabinet doors!) I also found some wood preserving oil (I think it’s just mineral oil) for the cutting board so I can take care of it properly. Haven’t gotten to that yet, though, so it’ll be a week or so before I can start using it. Now I must go flip through the February issue of Eating Well that was in my mailbox today. It’s sitting on my couch and it’s making me crave citrus – there’s a beautiful close-up photo of orange slices on the cover.

Hope you all had a lovely holiday as well!


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