Posted by: Erin | January 8, 2009

Mid-Winter Greenery

It’s been a while since I posted anything about plants, and technically, this is a cooking and gardening blog, so plants it is. It’s been grey and slushy and blah around here, so I think it’s time to share some greenery with everyone.

A few years ago, my friend Izzy was kind enough to schlep some plates to me (the lovely blue ones in most of my photos) because Ikea didn’t feel like shipping them. When she came to visit, she also brought me a tiny little Christmas cactus. It was literally about five leaves stuck in a tiny terra cotta pot. About a year or so later, it developed a few more leaves, and, much to my astonishment, eeked out a flower sometime in February.

Baby cactus

Baby cactus

Two years later, the plant is about four times bigger, and for the first time since, it has flower buds. And not just one, but lots. It started right before Christmas, and over the last week, the buds have been opening.

The pink side of the first Christmas cactus

The pink side of the first Christmas cactus

It appears that I’ve got two plants in the same pot – one (the one that flowered before) is a pale pink; the other is orange.

Apparently, the other side is orange.

Apparently, the other side is orange.

I was also given a Christmas cactus as a gift last Christmas. I repotted it a few months ago, and it’s grown a little, and also seems to want to flower. Maybe it wants to keep up with the original one, I don’t know. The buds aren’t as big, so I think it’ll be a little bit longer before they flower and I get to find out what color it is. If the slowpoke ever blooms, I’ll post pics.


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