Posted by: Erin | January 9, 2009

Simplifying Sustainable Seafood

I know some people think Twitter is a total waste of time, but I think they’re just following the wrong people. I have trouble keeping up with my account sometimes (which probably means some spring cleaning is in order), but you can find some really excellent information. The other day, my buddy JayHMT retweeted someone he follows, providing me with the equivalent of edible gold: a recipe for homemade Samoas®. (I will be trying this soon, I promise!)

Today, via Deb Puchalla (executive editor of Martha Stewart Living), I found the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Online Seafood Watch Guides. There’s some fabulous information about healthy and environmentally friendly fish AND there are downloadable pocket versions based on your U.S. region. Some of this stuff I already knew, like I always look for wild salmon (refuse to buy/eat farmed). However, I didn’t realize things like that I should avoid farmed tilapia from China or Taiwan. (Apparently, farmed tilapia from Central and South America is okay – farmed U.S. tilapia is the best – which was a relief, as I think my main grocery store tends to carry Ecuadorian farmed tilapia.) So if you’re a big seafood eater, or just want to be a little more eco-friendly in your choices, check it out.

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