Posted by: Erin | January 13, 2009

Quick Pistachio Tilapia

When I was visiting family over the holidays, I was sent on a grocery run. Seafood was on the menu, and while browsing at the counter, I discovered something interesting. In addition to the regular tilapia fillets, there were four varieties of prepared tilapia: two types I can’t recall, an Italian herb mix, and pistachio. I tried both the Italian herb and the pistachio, and they were surprisingly good.

Tilapia happened to be on sale this week at my grocery store, so I thought I’d try to recreate the pistachio version. (Admittedly, this was also because I had about a quarter cup of pistachios left in my cabinet, and I wanted to use them up.) I have no idea what was in the original, but I ended up tossing the pistachios into my lovely (but temperamental) blue food chopper with some salt and pepper and a handful of Kashi TLC crackers (I used the 7-grain variety).

Once the mixture was chopped fairly fine, I sprinkled it over each side of the tilapia, patting it to get it to stick. (It’s definitely a good idea to do this over a big plate, because it doesn’t stick easily, and it can get a little messy when you flip the fish over.) I used a fork and spatula to very carefully move the prepared fillet to my toaster oven. I used the toasting rack (not sure if it has a proper name) and took out the under-tray, putting a piece of foil on the rack. I baked the fish at 350° for about 30 minutes. (I know this was probably overkill, but I prefer my fish to be more solid and less watery.) I think I should have put it at 450°and cooked it for a shorter time, but it came out okay, so it’s probably a matter of how much time you have.


In a somewhat unoriginal mood, I made my super-quick version of garlic red mashed potatoes (ie, the cheating version) and some corn. A quick and easy dinner. This one’s definitely a keeper for the weeknight recipe file.


  1. O I’d like to know too if it has a proper name. Even I simply call it the toaster rack – line it with foil and get all the baking done. By the way baked fish is our favorite too – and you should just watch them all react to the aromas that waft out of the oven!

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