Posted by: Erin | April 19, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

At work, we have birthday buddies. Basically, we decorate our buddy’s desk/office, maybe leave them something fun. Last week was my birthday, and my birthday buddy decorated my monitor with birthday scrapbooking stickers. She also put some of those gel window cling things (in the shape of flowers and butterflies) on my whiteboard and Wacom tablet. (I’ll add a pic sometime next week – I forgot to bring my camera to work in on Friday.)

In addition to the lovely decorations, it seems that my birthday buddy consulted with my Secret Santa, and left me this:


This is particularly awesome because I had to throw out my old spray bottle a while back, due to an incident involving a homemade insecticide that clogged up the spritzer. The trowel, too, is nice, because my trowel is rather large. I assumed this one was just plastic, something cute to dress up the tote, but no, it is a real little shovel! Awesome. And perhaps the most excellent part:


I don’t know how good the Reader’s Digest’s book is, but on a quick flip through, it looks decent. I also don’t have any books specifically on houseplants, so this is a great addition. (I’m hoping it’ll give me some insight into the plants in my living room, which are still pretty much exactly as they were when I bought them, which I take to mean they’re doing okay, but they don’t seem to be, you know, growing.) I’m going to take a more careful look at it this week, searching for suggestions for kitchen plants, as my two crotons from last summer are long dead.

And if all this weren’t cool enough, my birthday buddy also left me these:


I’ve been through the scrapbooking aisle at Target many times, but I’ve never seen gardening-themed stickers before, so I’m quite excited about these. I tried to start a gardening journal a while back, to keep better track of what I was growing (and what didn’t grow). These would be great for that, though I’ve started tracking my garden on MyFolia. I’m sure I’ll find a good use for them, one way or the other.

So thanks to my birthday buddy (even though I doubt she’ll ever read this) – it was a lovely surprise. Clearly my Secret Santa gave you excellent advice. 🙂

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