Posted by: Erin | May 1, 2009

Birthday Surprise!

I had dinner with the illustrious Jessie the other night, and she gave me a belated birthday present:


I never stopped to think that there might be a cookbook out there for one- or two-serving desserts. I usually halve recipes when I make stuff, but it still gives me more than I want, so this is excellent.

The design geek in me was a little confused for a moment, because the book looked familiar, and then I realized why. This book shares the same publisher as Desperation Dinners!, a college graduation gift.

We then got into a discussion about PBS mini-series (What IS the plural of “mini-series” anyway? Mini-serieses? Mini-serii?) and Jane Austen and such, and I declared that we should have a small-batch baking night while watching Jane Austen adaptations. This proposal was met with approval, so I fully expect we’ll do that soon, and I will have recipe reviews to share.

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