Posted by: Erin | May 10, 2009

Against My Better Judgement, I Went To The Nursery Today

Nurseries are a dangerous place for me, because they make me happy and I want to take pretty much everything home with me. That being said, I exercised a great amount of restraint and only spent $20. I went originally because I wanted to check out the prices on the herbs – the supermarket had a few, but I was fairly sure that $3 for a 3″ pot was a lot (and I was right – the nursery had slightly bigger pots for $4). I’d intended to get oregano, rosemary, maybe a mint, sage and tarragon. The oregano plants were pretty big, but the undersides didn’t look so great. (I had a bad experience with an oregano last summer – it got bugs and had a monstrous caterpillar chomping away at it for a week before I found the little guy.) So no oregano for me.

I was also stuck trying to choose a rosemary plant, because in addition to the “Barbecue” variety, which was mainly straight up, they had prostrate rosemary. The tag on the creeping one claimed that it was easy to grow and loved hot windy spots, so I figured it might do better than the regular rosemary I had last year. But then in looking for a plant, I realized some of them looked a little diseased, so that was that. I think I’m going to wait on oregano, rosemary, and maybe sage, if I can find it, once the farmers markets open up again. The nice people from the Herb Lyceum go to the one in Copley Square, so I’ll check with them.

I did bring home a nice chocolate mint that I’m pretty excited about. I had a mint plant last year that started looking a little sketchy in the end, so I was loathe to use any of it for culinary pursuits. This one looks happy and healthy. I’m deciding whether it’s going to get its own pot or if I’m going to plant it in a small pot and add that to a bigger planter so it doesn’t take over the whole thing. I also want to try to propagate by layering, so I think it might be best to keep it in its own pot.

I’m also going to try the layering technique with the organic English Thyme I bought at Whole Foods yesterday. I’m thinking perhaps I should repot it for now, try to get some new plants going, and then put the original plant in a larger container with some other plants.

In addition to the herbs, I brought home a happy yellow daisy, which I’m going to plant with some brilliant blue-purple lobelia and a fuschia mini-snapdragon. The rest of the lobelia will keep the yellow marigolds and celosia company in other containers.

Repotting should commence tomorrow night, and hopefully I’ll have pictures posted shortly thereafter.


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