Posted by: Erin | May 11, 2009

About The Herb Garden…

So I had this idea yesterday.

Last year, I planted herbs in separate terra cotta pots. (I picked terra cotta because I knew they were new and clean, unlike my previously used plastic containers, and because I’d hoped to bring in some of the herbs, like the rosemary, over the winter, and I liked the look of the terra cotta inside better. Anyway.) This year, I thought I’d try to put a windowbox out on the railing and keep the herbs in there (easier to harvest from, and easy to bring inside if the weather’s bad).

I still intend to do that, but I’m thinking I might have a second herb container. I bought a decently large terra cotta pot last year, intending to use it to try growing garlic (something I’ve always wanted to do, but have yet to actually do it). This morning, it occurred to me that it might be better off as a mixed herb container. The thyme I bought yesterday is a bit large, and I’m concerned about it taking over the windowbox, so I’m thinking perhaps I will put herb plants in the terra cotta, and keep the windowbox for herbs from seed (at the moment, garlic chives, large-leaf Italian basil, and boxwood basil). That way, the windowbox won’t get too crowded, and those will be the herbs I probably need to do a second or third planting of after harvesting, and I feel like it’ll be easier to deal with in the windowbox.

The only thing I’m not sure about is what to do with the chocolate mint. I’m considering putting it in the terra cotta inside a smaller pot, so it won’t take over everything, but I’m not sure the terra cotta is big enough, and I think it might be better to keep it on its own. I’ll probably have a better idea once I check out the farmers market in a week to see whether I can lay hands on oregano, rosemary and sage. (I imagine I can put oregano, rosemary, sage, thyme, and possibly the mint, in one container together and they’ll be okay.)


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