Posted by: Erin | May 21, 2009

De-Bugging The Sage

Despite my excitement over buying three beautiful herb plants on Tuesday night at the farmers market, I didn’t have the energy to repot them that night. I did want to clean up the sage, though, since there were a bunch of dead leaves along the bottom of the plant. (The plant itself is very happy looking, and it has lots of signs of new leaves.) In the process of cleaning it up, I ended up playing chicken with a round, small-but-crunchy spider. I got it in the end, but then I found another one, which made me quite unhappy. (I did eventually get that one, too.)

On top of that, there were some minuscule, slightly off-white, crawly things – they remind me of those little red things you see outside sometimes that aren’t ants (they’re smaller) but I associate them with each other – hanging around in the dirt. This also displeases me. I do not like bugs. They make me feel all crawly and contaminated. (And I worry about them going to other plants.)

So here’s my question: Since I don’t know if these are good bugs or bad bugs (the tiny soil dwellers, I mean), is there a safe way to clean the dirt off the roots to make sure I’m not transplanting any of the little buggers with the sage when I repot it, especially since I’m going to be putting it in with other plants?

(And also: maybe I’m just being a little paranoid, but, though I haven’t seen any signs of other spiders, is there anything I should be looking out for to make sure there aren’t eggs or other gross remnants of them left in the sage? Bugs bad, but also, do not want bugs in plants I intend to eventually use in culinary adventures.)

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