Posted by: Erin | May 25, 2009

Herbs Repotted!

Finally got time on Saturday to repot the herbs I bought at the Copley farmers market last Tuesday. After consulting my favorite herb gardening book (Your Backyard Herb Garden by Miranda Smith), I decided the three of them would get along nicely in the same pot, as they all like dry soil and full sunlight. I put them in the large terra cotta pot that I’d originally bought last year for an attempt at garlic but never got around to. I wanted to plant seeds for garlic chives in there, too, but I wanted to leave some space for the herb plants to spread out, and for me to try layering some of the thyme stems to propagate them. I’m going to check out what the Herb Lyceum brings to the farmers market this week and see if I can get my hands on a nice little oregano plant. If I can, I’ll repot that into something that I can add the garlic chive seeds to, since they both like the dry soil/full sun combo as well.


The common chives were planted with the large-leaf Italian basil and Boxwood basil seeds in the windowbox that I’m going to try to attach to the railing outside. (I bought hangers for it, just haven’t opened them to try them out yet.) Those probably won’t sprout for a few days. Hopefully they’ll do better than my first attempt with the large-leaf basil seeds, and better than my “from seed” experiments this season.


The chocolate mint is going to have it’s own pot, because frankly, the thing is a mutant. It was like 6 inches tall when I bought it, and it’s got to be a foot tall now. It just keeps growing straight up. I’m definitely going to have to layer or try cuttings from that soon just to keep it in check. Since it’s growing straight up, it might not take over a planter as I would assume mint would ordinarily do, but I’d rather not chance it.

On an un-herb-related front, I also planted the six French marigold seeds from sermengtk. I hope they’ll do better than the other seeds I’ve tried. I’ll get to the nasturtium she sent me probably sometime this week.

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