Posted by: Erin | May 27, 2009

The Herbs Are Displeased

The sage and thyme are infested. The sage has tiny microscopic little reddish things that seem to be spinning webs. The thyme has even smaller red things, though fewer, near the newer leaves on each stem. There seem to be slight traces of webs starting there, too. The rosemary seems unaffected, but as they are all potted together, it’s probably only a matter of time (no pun intended).

I made the general garlicky pesticide from the You Grow Girl website and sprayed the hell out of the sage and the thyme tonight. I do not know if it has worked, but even if it does, it hardly makes me want to cook with these plants now. (NOTE: Do not inhale while spraying this around. You won’t think it’s bothering you, but you will inhale it, and it will kick you in the back of the throat a little. Have water on hand.)

I am highly displeased. I couldn’t go to the Copley farmers market today to talk to the Herb Lyceum guy because I had a meeting out of the office today and was in totally the wrong direction. I shall attempt to find them on Friday and hope they can help. I like them, and I like my plants, and I would like SOMETHING to survive this gardening season, as they all seem quite determined not to. Sigh.

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