Posted by: Erin | June 2, 2009

Proof That I Am Not A Complete Gardening Failure

The garlic chives are sprouting!!! I’d just about given up hope, but I looked today, and there are about four little green bits poking out of the soil.

The common chives sprouted the other day, though they don’t look terribly sturdy. Both basil sprouts look okay, but they don’t seem to be getting much bigger.

The morning glories in the medium container have all sprouted and are growing leaves – they’re about 2″ tall by now. At least one morning glory sprouted the other day in the trellis pot, and today, there’s a nearly full-sprouted moonflower, and another that seems to be just breaking the surface of the dirt.

I’m trying not to get unduly excited, given that all of my other from-seed attempts have died a sad, slow death. (Including the once-promising French marigold seeds from sermengtk, which are now exceptionally dead.) But I’m keeping my fingers crossed nonetheless.

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