Posted by: Erin | June 10, 2009

The Plants That Aren’t Dead Are Mutants

So I looked over at my pothos yesterday evening, and I’m fairly certain it’s at least 25% bigger than it was yesterday morning. I might be making that up, but it does look bigger. Which is good – at least SOMETHING in my house is still alive. Here’s the body count:

Celosia: 3 down, 3 still happy (for now)
Marigolds: dead
French Marigold seeds: dead
Heavenly Blue morning glory seeds: were happy, now dead
Moonflower seeds: 3 of 4 have sprouted – we’ll see how that goes
Chocolate Mint: growing sideways, but still growing
Garden Daisy: dead as a doornail
Lobelia: long dead
Snapdragons: confused, but leaning towards dead
Sweet Pea Streamer Mix seeds: gave up at least a week ago
Silver Thyme: alternates between sick state and simply reaching for the sunlight
Golden Sage: less full, but growing, and seemingly now free of mites
Rosemary: fairly happy
Large-Leaf Italian Basil seeds: sprouted, but seem stunted
Boxwood Basil seeds: sprouted (though smaller than the other kind), also confused
Common Chives: sprouted, but look exceptionally spindly
Garlic Chives: slightly more sturdy than the Common Chives, but not by much

So in short, my indoor plants are happy, but the ones for the garden are suicidal. *le sigh*

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