Posted by: Erin | June 15, 2009

Frozen Yogurt Fruit Mashup

I’m not sure what prompted this idea, but I’ve been meaning to put my food processor to good use by testing it out on some frozen fruit.

The idea was quite simple: chop up a bunch of frozen fruit, mix in some frozen yogurt, and end up with a McFlurry-type thing (but with fruit). I’m pleased to report that the food processor dealt with the frozen fruit just fine. I did the peaches first, thinking it would take more time than the raspberries and blackberries. For some reason, you have to hold the food processor just right to get it to chop (I don’t know why), and I think I got distracted and overchopped. This is what my fruit looked like when I stopped:


Oops. This also proves that berries should only be put in the food processor when frozen – can you imagine the mush it would have been with fresh berries?

Next, I mixed in some slightly softened vanilla frozen yogurt (and the M&Ms I’d tried to chop up before I got to the fruit), and swirled it all together. In hindsight, it probably would have been better to mix the frozen yogurt together until it was soft, and then mixed in the fruit. Instead, I got this:


Not that it wasn’t tasty, it was just… purple. It didn’t have quite the mixture I wanted, since all the flavors sorta blended together. I’m thinking maybe next time, less time in the chopper, but chop stuff, let it defrost a little, then mix it into the already-softened-and-mixed frozen yogurt. And maybe not chop the berries. It’s also possible the texture would have been a little better with ice cream (frozen yogurt seems to melt a little bit quicker).

Great. Now I want ice cream. *sigh*


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