Posted by: Erin | July 2, 2009

In Which I Decree That Blueberries And Blackberries Are Interchangeable

Due to an awful migraine on Sunday, I didn’t get a lot done. One of the things I didn’t get done was grocery shopping, which means I had no breakfast food for Monday. This is not a good way to start the week. What I did have, however, was some fruit (kiwis, peaches, raspberries, and strawberries), so I decided to make scones to go with it.

However, after a long search, I realized that I didn’t have cornmeal or at least one ingredient in the recipes I was finding. (To my shock and disappointment, Small-Batch Baking did not have a general scone recipe, which I consider a total Cookbook FAIL.) I was exhausted and it was raining, so I was not about to go schlepping to the store for some odd missing ingredient. I’d really wanted to make simple scones, because I wanted to try the berry whipped butter recipe from SBB with raspberries, which were on sale last week, so I had a bunch in the fridge. I almost decided to make Cooking Light’s classic scones, leaving out the currants so they’d be plain, but then I remembered the kneading and such for the dough, and decided I was not in the mood for all that, so I started looking for muffin recipes instead.

I found this recipe for Lemon-Blueberry Muffins. It looked pretty simple and I had all the ingredients. (Well, I had to fake the buttermilk by adding lemon juice to room temperature 1% milk, but I did have that stuff in the fridge.) Despite being from New Jersey, I am not a huge blueberry fan. I don’t mind them in muffins, but I wasn’t in the mood, and I didn’t have them anyway. What I did have, though, were frozen blackberries. After an experiment replacing blueberries with blackberries in a lavender-blueberry jam recipe at Thanksgiving, I seem to have determined that blackberries and blueberries are interchangeable, so I went with that. I’ve also seen a number of lemon-and-blackberry recipes, as well as lemon-and-blueberry recipes, so you can see my reasoning.

I halved the recipe to make six muffins. I noticed, while stirring the batter, that blackberries are sorta fragile. I imagine blueberries do not present this problem, as they are more solid. The fact that my blackberries were a little mushy from defrosting didn’t help, but I’m guessing that blueberries don’t make blue batter, but blackberries make purple batter!


They definitely smelled good in the oven, so I figured that was promising. I was also sort of hoping the muffins would stay purple because, well, it would entertain me. Alas, they did not.


Once the muffins cooled, I made the lemon glaze. I decided I was only going to glaze half of them, just in case I didn’t like the combination. Since I was planning to eat these in the morning with a fairly sweet fruit mix, I thought the lemon glaze might not mesh well. Turns out I was right.

There’s no way the proportions in the recipe could be right for the glaze. I did halve it, but I’m pretty sure I can do simple math here. At first, there wasn’t enough liquid to mix with the powdered sugar, so I added some more. This did not help. The mixture became too lemony, so I added about a 1/2 teaspoon of water to even it out. This did not help either. Now it was too watery. I ended up putting it on one muffin, just to see what would happen. (I discovered later that it didn’t add much to the taste either way.)


On the whole, the muffins were okay. They’re a little dense, and it has a taste of baking powder and nutmeg (both of which are in the recipe, so it’s not like that’s crazy), and I’m not sure I love that. I have also discovered that if you put whole blackberries in muffins, you will have muffins with seeds. Not a problem, but something I hadn’t counted on.

For some reason, I feel like these might taste good with vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt, with or without the glaze. I may try this – I shall report back if I do.


  1. This muffin looks amazing. i have a tradition in making my wife muffins every sunday morning. This looks great! my wifes favorite is this double chocolate muffin. here is the recipe

  2. Thanks! Those chocolate muffins look great, too! (Love the idea of adding raspberry jam – raspberry + chocolate = WIN.)

    Your wife must LOVE you – fresh muffins every Sunday? Nice! 🙂

  3. great, those muffins look yummy.. i should try and taste it

  4. They came out pretty well, but I’d eat them quick. I had one this morning, and it tasted a little off. (I made them on Sunday.)

  5. great, those muffins look yummy.. i should try and taste it

  6. Hmm. Is it true? 🙂

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