Posted by: Erin | August 30, 2009

Loving Your Leftovers

I love when the necessity of using something in my fridge turns into a rather good meal. In this case, the thing that needed to be used was a salad mix.

Last week, the supermarket had salad mixes on sale, so I brought home a romaine, iceberg, cabbage, and shredded carrot mix. Broccoli was also on sale, and I had a bit of that to use as well. I added some black olives and most of what remains of the goat cheese crumbles left in my cheese drawer. I remembered I’d bought some garlic croutons ages ago that I’d never used. Fortunately, they were still good, so I threw those in, and on a whim, added some microwaveable bacon, left from a recipe I tried on Friday (more on that later).

Halfway through, I realized I’d forgotten the salad dressing (I don’t usually put dresing on my salads – I tend to use cheese instead, or ingredients like fruit that I don’t think lend themselves to dressing), but it didn’t matter. All in all, it was an excellent satisfying salad. The bacon added a nice bit of salty taste along with the olives. It probably didn’t really need the vinaigrette after all. Definitely going to make this one again.

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