Posted by: Erin | September 8, 2009

Labor Day Fruit Galettes

Some of my neighbors had a lovely barbecue for Labor Day over the weekend. I love an excuse to bake, so I started hunting for recipes. I was going to make my favorite Irish cream brownies, because they’re quick and easy, but I wasn’t sure if they were really barbecue food. I started searching for pie recipes instead, thinking those were more appropriate. I needed something quick and easy, since I didn’t plan ahead quite as well as I should have. After about 20 minutes of searching, I found a Cooking Light recipe for a blueberry-peach galette. It only had six ingredients, most of which I had, and took roughly 30 minutes, so that was my winner.

Originally, I was going to substitute blackberries for blueberries (as I am wont to do), since I had some in the freezer. (I’d fully intended to make these with frozen fruit, both because of time and cost.) I started thinking about melting the apricot jam with a cheesecloth bag of lavender blossoms in it, to infuse the jam with a little of the flavor – based on some of the recipes I’ve seen with lavender, it would have gone well with both the blackberries and the peaches.

Cost of frozen fruit thwarted my plans, however. The recipe was for two galettes, though I knew mine were going to be a bit smaller than the recipe’s, as I was able to buy a two-pack of premade pie crust which were 9″ ones. I figured I could get away with less fruit, but instead, decided to buy only one package of peaches, and use berries for the other galette. I bought sliced strawberries (figured whole ones would be too difficult to manage when eating the galette), and remembered I had a bunch of raspberries in the freezer I wanted to use up, as well as a few blackberries. So I decided I was going to make a blackberry-peach galette, and a strawberry/raspberry/blackberry one.

This was a good plan until I got home. I had far fewer blackberries than I thought, and on a whim, I decided to switch my flavors. I ended up with a peach-strawberry one, and a raspberry-blackberry one. I left out the lavender plan at this point, both in the interest of time and the flavor mixing, but I may go back and try that another time, with the peach-blackberry combination.


I think they turned out okay. Everyone at the picnic said they looked great – one person even asked for the recipe. (I imagine they would have looked better if I’d had time to plate them better, but as it was, I barely gave them time to cool before I had to head over to the barbecue.) The only problem is that frozen raspberries tend to fall apart and clump together, which makes defrosting them a real pain. Because of the time shortage, I ended up baking the galettes for about 20 minutes at 425° instead of bringing the temperature down after the first ten minutes. I don’t know if this caused the break or not, but the pastry broke in one corner on the raspberry-blackberry galette, and because the berries were frozen and had lots of juice (I presume), it leaked out one side. It didn’t damage the galette as far as I can tell, but it wasn’t terribly pretty.

This is definitely a good, quick dessert if you’re in need of one. The fruits can obviously be swapped out and combined differently. When I get more pie crusts, I’m going to try the peach-blackberry combination (I have some frozen fruit left), and I want to experiment with the lavender-infusing, because I am apparently mildly obsessed with finding culinary uses for lavender. The peach-strawberry combination was just the right amount of sweet (and was excellent with some vanilla frozen yogurt); the raspberry-blackberry needed something to cut the flavors a little (I put a little whipped cream on it, and that did the trick).

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