Posted by: Erin | November 14, 2009

The Zinnias Want Vengeance!

Started this post on October 21st, but forgot to finish it. It’s close enough to a full entry, though, so I thought I should just get over myself and post it. That, and I really don’t want to think about the taste of the cooked broccoli and arugula again. I did try the pizza with tomato-basil soup, and it did help mask some of the cooked veggie taste. I will not be making this one again. I like my veggies crispy. Cooked veggies and I are just not going to be friends, and I’m okay with that.


Tried Eating Well’s Green Pizza. Broccoli has looked awful at the store recently, so I was thrilled to find some at the Copley farmers market today. (I also got a mesclun mix from a different farm, and an Herbs De Provence mix and lavender honey from the lovely people at the Herb Lyceum. It was a good day at the market.) So of course, when I get to the grocery store tonight, there’s broccoli, and it doesn’t look half bad. Not as pretty as my farm broccoli, but much better than it has in the last two weeks for sure. So I buy some store broccoli, thinking that if this pizza experiment goes horribly wrong, I’d rather not waste the “good” broccoli on it. I also needed to use the once-beautiful arugula I bought on Friday from the same stand that I bought the mesclun mix from today (Atlas Farms in South Deerfield). I meant to use it for salads over the weekend, but between the rain and the pears not being ripe, I forgot about it for a day or two. I salvaged enough for the pizza, though. Since the arugula gets cooked a little bit before putting it on the pizza, it didn’t matter that the leaves weren’t all as crisp as I’d want them for a salad.

Note: store pizza dough horizontally, or you’ll end up with a deformed pizza like mine.

I’ve never really liked cooked veggies, aside from corn. In fact, I’d have to say I’m opposed to cooked vegetables. I prefer them ripe and crunchy, if I’m going to eat them. (If I were in charge, it would be a punishable offense to cook celery.) I was rather forcibly reminded of this fact when I uncovered the steamed broccoli. After I added the arugula, I felt like I’d murdered my garden. That’s what the smell reminded me of: plant death. I was certain the zinnias were plotting revenge even as I stood in my kitchen. I made up for this by putting a little more cheese than called for over the green things, and I probably could have added more pesto as well.

In the end, I overcooked the pizza both before and after the toppings were added. I burned a bit of the dough, but only because it was thin in spots (due to my not storing the tube horizontally for the entirety of its time in my fridge, I imagine). The pizza wasn’t awful, and I imagine if you actually LIKE cooked broccoli and such, you’d like this just fine. I’m not sold, however. I am wondering, though, if perhaps it would go well with the tomato-basil soup. And by “go with,” I mean, “maybe if I dipped the pizza in the soup, I could mask some of that vegetable taste.” We shall see.

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