Posted by: Erin | November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, kids! In honor of our illustrious holiday of turkey, I present photos of last year’s Thanksgiving feast, which I never got around to blogging. I used to get my Thanksgiving dinner from Whole Foods, but as of a year or two ago, they stopped letting you pick your side dishes, and I am not really a fan of stuffing, and I could live forever and be all too happy to never see another green bean. (I do not understand the obsession with green bean casserole either, by the way – is that a New England thing? I’ve spent the better part of 10 years in Massachusetts, but I’d never heard of this odd dish until I got to Boston.)

Anyway, last year, I decided just to order my turkey from Whole Foods, because that is the one part of the Thanksgiving feast that I do not have any particular desire to do myself. I am secure in my culinary adventurousness to be okay with letting someone else take care of the dirty work of dealing with the turkey. So I got my turkey, and made everything else. I don’t remember much except that I did not time things well, and I was cooking essentially all day, and I didn’t eat until some ridiculous hour of the evening. (This was compounded by the fact that I was trying to document my first attempt at really cooking Thanksgiving dinner by taking lots of photos while cooking.)

I now leave you with pictures while I go off to start my somewhat better planned meal for this year.

Basic Cranberry Sauce

Pumpkin Cranberry Muffins

Completed dinner (with edamame and mashed potatoes)

Amaretto Apple Crisp with Pistachio Gelato

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