Posted by: Erin | June 2, 2010

Postal Chocolate

Yesterday, I got a nice little surprise in my mailbox. A Canadian buddy of mine sent me something, and he decided to throw in some chocolate (always welcome in my house). He sent me a bar of Beschle chocolate. They are, apparently, Swiss. I’ve never heard of them, or had their chocolate before, so I was intrigued. (And after looking through their website, there are a number of flavors that look good – I’m particularly curious about the pistachio and sea salt combo, and the rosemary/thyme/lemon one.)

The bar he sent me is their Grand Cru Arriba aux Oranges bar – it’s orange and (supposedly) hazelnut flavored. It’s 72% dark chocolate from Ecuador. Normally, I don’t like orange-flavored chocolate (but oranges covered in chocolate, sure). This one kind of works, though. The orange is much more subtle than some of the other kinds I’ve tried, and it adds a brightness to the chocolate without overpowering it – it is very much still chocolate, not a fight between flavors. I’m not sure why the packaging seems to think there’s hazelnut in there – if there is, I can’t taste any of it.

I suppose I must now revise my views on orange-flavored chocolates. An exception to every rule, I suppose. (Thanks, Derek!)


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