Posted by: Erin | November 19, 2010

Grocery Store Treasures!

I went to the grocery store yesterday after work to pick up another bottle of vanilla extract (I noticed over the weekend that it was majorly on sale this week), and I left with many other awesome things.

Vanilla Extract
Okay, so vanilla extract is vanilla extract, but when the bottle is normally $7.99 and it’s on sale for $4.49, I am quite pleased. (I bought three bottles. Stop judging me. I’m good with vanilla extract through 2013 or so now.)

Lemon Extract
This was a spontaneous purchase. Most of the McCormick extracts were on sale (a good sale, too) – some of the sales ended yesterday, some end next week, and some are until January, I think. I only have imitation coconut extract (for reasons I cannot recall) and pure almond extract, along with the vanilla, but it occurred to me that lemon extract might be useful, as zesting citrus is a huge pain. So I thought I’d give extract a shot.

Orange Extract
See lemon extract rationale.

Lingonberry Jam
I’ve been wanting to try this for a while. Ages ago, I was at IHOP, and my mom had crepes with lingonberry sauce, which were quite good. I’ve never seen lingonberry jam outside of Ikea, so IHOP was the first place I ever tried it. This too was a whim – I happened to be in the jam aisle, and noticed that it was also on sale, which I’ve never seen before. Off the top of my head, I’m thinking it might taste good on pork, and maybe with lamb. I’ll report back on that sooner or later.

I bought a pomegranate once before, at the Haymarket weekend market a million years ago, but I never got around to doing anything with it. They were on sale (though not by much – $0.20, I think), so I decided to try again. I came home, unsure of what I would do with it – if all else failed, I figured I could throw it over vanilla frozen yogurt, maybe with some of the frozen peaches I have left in the freezer. But lo, the Universe intervened. The new issue of Cooking Light was waiting in my mailbox, and there’s a recipe for lamb with pomegranate sauce. Admittedly, said sauce calls for pomegranate juice, not actual pomegranate, but I imagine you could add bits of the fruit to embellish the sauce. Additionally, I thought it might be good on salad. I bought some baby spinach, and I have some goat cheese open from a week-ish ago (how long CAN you keep open goat cheese in Tupperware in the fridge, anyway??). Not sure what else I’d throw in there – pears maybe? Pecans? Anyway, I’ll find something to do with it, and I’ll take my first shot at peeling (or whatever) a pomegranate. We’ll see how it goes.

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